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  • Beasts flip flops - walk on the wild side
  • BEASTS Footwear, Born Free Foundation and Martin Clunes
  • Endangered Giant Panda - 1600 left in the world

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Our Mission - It's cool to be kind

BEASTS 'Cool to be Kind Movement' is all about giving back. £1 from every pair of flip flops we sell is donated to Born Free Foundation to help save and protect endangered animals and their habitats.

By harnessing consumer power its possible to really make a difference, through the choices we make today we can all contribute to a better tomorrow.


We all know too well the challenges facing the planet and our future generations. These problems seem so overwhelming and any possible solution, too large for us to tackle alone.

BEASTS® understand that everything we do has an effect, no matter how small or how large the gesture. BEASTS® is all about bringing people together and incorporating 'giving' into everything we do. Step by step we know that those small gestures will build, to really make a significant difference.

We feel that conservation can only be effective in the context of human culture and development and if we all engage with it in the course of our normal lives.

For us, it is not just about campaigning and opposing destructive practices but about putting forward solutions for the bigger picture.

My Story....

BEASTS® evolved from a passion and respect for the environment and animal protection, combined with a determination to really to make a difference.

With over 10 years experience in product design and brand development for professional clients, I knew it was time to do something of my own.

BEASTS® company values are not separate from the issues that I care passionately about - social responsibility, the environment and animal protection. With these values in mind, my vision was to create a vibrant, fun brand, which would capture peoples imagination and really engage them. Providing a platform for people to share their thoughts and experiences, and help communicate a message.

But I do not see BEASTS as a one-woman-show but as a global community or tribe sharing common passions and values. I am fascinated about the power of the web to bring like-minded people together and then move them to mass-action.

I really hope you enjoy the products as much as I have enjoyed creating them all. There is alot more to come though, so stay tuned!!